#1206 Save the Republic (Part Two)

We’re a land of unlimited freedom, which means if you want to play pinball all day on November 8th, be my guest!
— Clay S. Jenkinson

This week, part two of a discussion of suggestions sent in by listeners in response to Clay S. Jenkinson’s request as to their ideas on how to improve or “save” our republic.

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"I have this morning witnessed one of the most interesting scenes, a free people can ever witness. The changes of administration, which in every government and in every age have most generally been epochs of confusion, villainy and bloodshed, in this our happy country take place without any species of distraction, or disorder."
— Margaret Bayard Smith, 1801

On this week's 1776 Club broadcast, Joe Lovell, an attorney from Amarillo, TX, speaks with Clay S. Jenkinson seven days prior to the presidential election. Joe shares his opinions on the recent letter from FBI Director James Comey and its implications on the election. Hear Joe Lovell again on the upcoming regular broadcasts of the Thomas Jefferson Hour.

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What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

Oh my.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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