#1277 Gerrymandering

You could redistrict so that you could maximize competitiveness. That would be my suggestion: maximize competitiveness.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

"The Gerry-Mander," Boston Gazette, 26 March 1812, from Wikimedia Commons.

On this week’s Thomas Jefferson Hour, we discuss gerrymandering, its origin, how it works in American politics today, and the potential effects it has on our democracy.

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So You Want to Live in a Democracy

The Jefferson Watch

"How do we discern the will of the people? Today we have scientific polls, social media, town hall meetings, and a much better and easier system of communication between politicians and their constituents, so that a worthy representative is in a better position to discern 'what the people want' than ever before."

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What Would Jefferson Do?

There needs to be a fairness principle.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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