Speaking with Freedom

This is the only time we ever get to speak with this amount of freedom and probably we shouldn’t.
— Clay

This week, Clay and David discuss the U.S. court system, Clay's journey to Montana with Odyssey Tours, and the current political climate.

As the episode wraps up, Clay poses a question:

Here's what I'm asking our listeners. I know we have Trump supporters among our listeners. If Trump really is the least decorous President in American history — or right up there — and if Trump has engaged in a lot of self-inflicted wounds, and if Trump has offended our closest allies in the world: What's the thing you're still looking for from him? There's nothing ambiguous about this. He is what he is, he's never made any attempt to be anything else. Where does your faith lie in him at this point? I'm not suggesting it should be gone, I just want to know why people still don't feel more buyer's remorse when, from any rational point of view, it's been one of the worst first three months of any presidency — and most of the wounds, if not all of them, are self-inflicted. The agenda which he so loudly announced with such great cheering — the wall, etc. — hasn't happened. So my question is, and I mean it, for those who still believe in him, what is it that you still believe in and what is it that you want to see happen here?

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