#1240 Becoming President

I think that’s what Jefferson’s attitude was: ‘I’d rather not, but I’m probably the best person to do it.’
— Clay

We return to our Jefferson 101 series this week with an episode about Jefferson’s road to the White House. Over the past few months, we've carried Jefferson from his birth in Virginia in 1743 right up to the brink of the time when he became the third president of the United States. We take for granted how our elections work. Back then, they didn't really have a blueprint: no conventions, no caucuses, no primaries, no debates. It was an informal system and we try to sort out how a reluctant person like Jefferson winds up being the president.

This is Jefferson 119.

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What Would Jefferson Do?

We were eager for immigrants to come from Europe. In the beginning, we had a very favorable and generous immigration system.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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