#1337 The Vaunted Scene

Behold me at length on the vaunted scene of Europe!
— Thomas Jefferson, 1785

We speak with President Jefferson about his time spent in France.

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Jefferson in France

Join Clay Jenkinson on a guided tour through Jefferson’s France. After exploring Jefferson’s Paris, we’ll visit Bordeaux, where Jefferson devised a wine classification system that was adopted by the region fifty years later. Enjoy tastings at vineyards with a family memory of Jefferson’s visit in 1787 and a visit to Montaigne’s castle, where the first great essays of modern history were written. Then to Nimes to see the Maison Quarree, what Jefferson called “the most precious morsel of antiguity,” the building that served as the model for the new state capitol in Richmond. We’ll visit Arles for time among Roman antiquities and make a brief stop at Aix-en-Provence, where Jefferson took the mineral waters to ease the pain in his wrist, damaged in a romantic escapade with Maria Cosway in Paris.

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The great bulk of the wealth of France was in the hands of a very tiny number of people.
— Clay S. Jenkinson portraying Thomas Jefferson

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