#1286 First Family (Part Two)

I’m just thinking of your career, here.
— Joseph Ellis

We continue our conversation this week with the award-winning author Joseph Ellis, and we conclude our discussion about his book First Family: Abigail and John Adams as part of our first entry of the Thomas Jefferson Hour Book Club series.

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Further Reading

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So Far Ahead of Her Time

The Jefferson Watch

Abigail Adams saw that there was no legitimate reason to exclude women from the revolutionary formula being bandied about by her famous husband and his male pals. She knew that the law of logical consistency meant that any attempt to deny women equal rights was arbitrary, the triumph of power over justice, and she reminded John Adams that demanding rights against those who would arbitrarily curtail or cancel them was, wasn’t it, the very principle of the American Revolution?

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What Would Jefferson Do?

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I had a very lively sense of privacy.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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