#1242 Inside the White House

You can object to anybody’s politics, but I firmly believe that you can’t object to President Obama’s character.
— Beau Wright

President Thomas Jefferson speaks about the White House — during his time and ours — with this week's special guest, Beau Wright. Wright spent over five years serving in the White House, nearly two years of that time as Senior Deputy Director of White House Operations and Director for Finance.

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Beau Wright is Director of Operations for United to Protect Democracy. He previously served in President Obama’s White House for 5.5 years, most recently as Senior Deputy Director of Operations and Director for Finance. In this capacity, Beau oversaw the crafting and execution of the White House budget. In addition to his operations and finance experience, Beau also served as an assistant in the Office of the White House Counsel and, during the 2012 election, as an advance staff member for Vice President Joe Biden. A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, Beau received his B.A. from the College of William & Mary in 2011. 

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"How does it happen? How do we get so busy with our lives, so stuck in routines, that we surrender our autonomy and sometimes our integrity, and become not much more than robots going through the motions of life but with pretty anemic vital signs.

"I know this much. That it is essential to my happiness that I break my routines a few times per year, get out into some heartbreakingly beautiful lonely place in the American West, where I can sit under the stars at night, listen to the crooning of coyotes, contemplate the ways in which the limber pines sway and dance in the nocturnal breeze, watch for shooting stars, breathe deep, and let the accumulated noise and angst and strain slip out of my soul to be drawn down the great river towards the Gulf of Mexico."

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I had been a hard worker all of my life. From my earliest childhood, I had read five, ten, sometimes fifteen hours per day.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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