#1205 Save the Republic (Part One)

On episode #1200 Our Republic, President Thomas Jefferson spoke about the differences between a true democracy and a republic. In the podcast introduction, Clay S. Jenkinson asked Jefferson Hour listeners what their suggestions would be to improve or “save” our republic. Those many responses are discussed this and next week.

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I want to live in Jefferson’s America.
— Clay S. Jenkinson
Clay: I found myself pulling out a biography of Jefferson because I thought, 'I want to get into the zone before I walk into the barn.' I don't want to just drive up to the barn — that door, as you know, sticks; it's so hard to open. You get in, you have to fight off the cats and you have to fight off the cows. There's a smell of manure and hay.
David: We've got to have a talk about the cats.
Clay: You walk in and the barn kind of takes over. At that point, you're not thinking Jefferson or Hamilton or anything, but this morning, I thought — and I'm saying this with the greatest sincerity — I thought, we owe it to our listeners to spend a couple of hours getting into the zone before I drive up into that barnyard.

What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

The idea is that our constitutional system is a machine that will go of itself.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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