#1159 The Glier Violin

This week on the Thomas Jefferson Hour we speak with Adam Birce, the owner and operator of Four Strings violin shop in Richmond, VA. Adam has a client who brought in a very interesting Glier violin for repair. The violin dates to Jefferson's time and Adam believes it's possible that a connection exists.

According to Adam, "The instrument in question was made sometime between 1790 and 1840 by a maker from Neukirchen, Germany by the name of August Glier. I have little doubt that this instrument is a genuine article as it is made to a much higher standard than a typical "Saxon" violin, it's wood and varnish is of the appropriate age, and indeed, this violin possesses it's original label. There would be no reason to replicate an instrument made in this time period and from this maker as historically they aren't particularly valuable." 

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