#1219 Inauguration, Then & Now

President Thomas Jefferson is asked to provide context for presidential inaugurations. Clay & David discuss our third president's inaugural address — its content & its tone — while comparing it to the address of our forty-fifth president, Donald Trump.

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“The People’s Friend”

Written & Composed for the Celebration of the 4 of March 1801
Words by a Citizen
Music by John Isaac Hawkins

No more subtle arts a prey
Which, fearful of the eye of day
A nation’s ruin planned
Now entering on this precious morn
In which a people’s hopes are born
What joy o’er spreads the land
While past events portended harm
And raised the spirit of alarm
Uncertain of the end
E’re all was lost, the prospect cleared
And the bright star of hope appeared
The People’s chosen friend
Devoted to his Country’s cause
The Rights of Men and equal laws
His hallowed pen was given
And now those Rights & Laws to save
From sinking to an early grave
He comes employed by Heaven
What joyful prospects rise before
Peace, Arts and Science hail our Shore
And through the Country spread
Long may these blessings be preserved
And by a virtuous Land deserved
With Jefferson our head

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"John Steinbeck’s California"

Spring Book Retreat/Tour 2017: March 4-10

A Spring Book Retreat/Tour honoring one of America's most beloved authors, Nobel Prize-winner John Steinbeck. Morning discussions lead by humanities scholar Clay S. Jenkinson.  Enjoy book retreat discussions in the morning, touring in the afternoon, with several hikes and other adventures tossed in. Your cottage is within walking distance to the Point Pinos Lighthouse and the Pacific tide-pools that John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts stood appreciating the interconnectedness of life. We hope during your time in Steinbeck's California, memories from "the bard of the people", scenes and colorful characters from his best novels, and thought provoking literature, "spring" alive, if not for real, at least in "your mind's eye". To highlight your experience a suggested reading list is provided upon reservation. Come Join the FUN!

This retreat is hosted by Odyssey Tours, a div. of Bek, Inc.

For more information, visit Odyssey Tours online or contact Becky Cawley: (208) 791-8721 or bek@odytours.net

What Would Jefferson Do?

There were people who felt that I might be a dangerous man.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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