Join Clay for Shakespeare without Tears: January 19-24, 2019

Join Clay for Shakespeare without Tears at Lochsa Lodge, January 19-24. You will be amazed by the joy, laughter, and literary satisfaction you will experience in this humanities retreat.

Hello everyone, I'm Clay Jenkinson. I'm in my home library. I'm holding one of my 12 or 15 copies of Shakespeare. This is my favorite: the Pelican Shakespeare, and I urge you to use this one if you want to buy a permanent, high-quality edition — beautifully annotated and introduced — the Pelican Shakespeare.

Join me on January 19th through 24th at Lochsa Lodge, west of Missoula, Montana. It's high up in the Bitterroot Mountains — yes, it's January, but it's like paradise on Earth. It's not cold, it's not windy, the temperatures are great. There's snow everywhere but the Lochsa staff handles it beautifully.

Why do this? Well, Shakespeare's the greatest poet in the English language. Hamlet is maybe my favorite piece of literature of all the literature ever written in the world. I had a conversion experience when I was a freshman in college about that. Shakespeare talks to the human condition, then or now. His plays are about power, about tyranny, about jealousy, about first romantic love as in Romeo and Juliet, about death, about family, about parents and children.

Nobody has ever probed the fundamental issues of being human better than William Shakespeare.

There are only a handful of others who've even gotten close. Shakespeare is the absolute acme of deep probing of the human condition in a way that's just spectacularly beautiful, and it just knocks your socks off. There are times when I'm reading alone that I have to get up out of my chair, I'm so amazed by something that Shakespeare wrote in 1604 or 1592. That's a long, long, long time ago.

So come for discussions about Shakespeare, but so much more at Lochsa Lodge, 19-24 January 2019. For details go to our website:

You'll get all of the details about travel, and signing up, and so on. There aren't very many places left, so now is the time to join Shakespeare without Tears at Lochsa Lodge.

We'll see you there.