Book Club: Valley Forge on 10/30

On October 30th, we're going to have Bob Drury and Tom Clavin on the show. They're the authors of a new book, Valley Forge, which will be our next book club selection.

Clay urges every Jefferson Hour listener to get this book and to send us questions and thoughts about it: things that you discovered that you didn't know, or things that puzzled you, or things you'd like us to examine in this book. We want you to participate by sending us your thoughts and maybe quotations that you find interesting, or things that you're intrigued about, or maybe things you disagree with.

Valley Forge is the third book in the Jefferson Hour Book Club series, after Joseph Ellis' First Family: Abigail and John Adams, and Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

We’ll be taping an episode to answer your mail the week after the author interview show airs on 10/30. You can contact us with your remarks or leave a comment below.