#1251 Checks & Balances

If the three federal branches can’t stop themselves from doing appalling things, a fourth entity exists, and that’s the states.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

We discuss the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, states' rights, and the need for checks and balances within the federal government.

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Further Reading

  • Yale Law School, the Avalon Project: The Barbary Treaties 1786-1816 (Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Signed at Tripoli November 4, 1796); "the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion".

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Time to Roll Up the Garden Hoses

The Jefferson Watch

Well, summer’s ending. I was in a big box store the other day and there were hordes of moms and kids buying school supplies. That and the first preseason professional football games of the season are the invariable signs. I’m always startled by how they creep up on me every year.

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What Would Jefferson Do?

Friends must protect us from ourselves.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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