#1250 Totality

How can you call yourself a Jeffersonian if you don’t go see [the eclipse]?
— Clay

Clay takes us on a road trip to Wyoming to witness the eclipse. Later in the episode, David Nicandri phones in to report on his experience.

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The Eclipse of Authenticity

The Jefferson Watch

In late August, 2017, "The time was out of joint," as Hamlet puts it, and I found myself in the days before the gathering time in Washington, DC, working on something completely unrelated. But when I landed back in Bismarck Saturday evening, on the eve of the eve of the great eclipse, and thought what it would mean to miss such a cosmic moment, I spontaneously threw a sleeping bag and tent into my car and Sunday morning drove off to Wyoming.

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What Would Jefferson Do?

The universe is a clock … it’s an elaborate machine.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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