#1243 Mister President

Really? You don’t think Jefferson has a geopolitical plan here?
— Clay S. Jenkinson

This week, we return to the Jefferson 101 series and discuss Jefferson’s first term as President. In particular, we discuss the Barbary pirates, the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis & Clark expedition.

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Off the Grid

The Jefferson Watch

"Then the Jeffersonian insight struck me. Today we talk about being “off the grid” as something that Thoreauvians or hippies undertake. A few tens of thousands of people nationwide do what they can to sever their dependence on our civilization’s supply lines of water, electricity, heat, and communications networks. Back in Jefferson’s time, when there were six million Americans, everyone was off the grid. Even Jefferson, a man of privilege, had to build his house from bricks baked on site, and with timbers from the forests that enveloped his 'little mountain.'"

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What Would Jefferson Do?

I don’t think you can always depend upon officials to tell you everything you might need to know.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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