#1237 More Listener Letters

I was always happiest when I could direct the reading of a promising young man.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

Here at the Jefferson Hour, we love our listener mail. We try to answer as many letters as possible because they help us to open up new avenues of discourse. This week, we devote another episode to answering listener questions. Subjects covered include civil discourse, the virtues of France, Jefferson’s suggested reading of the classics and John Adam’s midnight appointments.

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Erasing the Past

The Jefferson Watch

"A KKK hood over Jefferson’s head at one of the premier academic institutions of the United States? Columbia, I thought you taught your students to think, to discuss, to reflect, to ponder, to debate, to imagine, to explore rather than merely to posture in righteousness. Really, the students of Columbia are now joining the new American Culture of Outrage? I thought Columbia was above cliché."

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We’ve reached a point in American culture where the line of demarcation between weird, reality pop culture and the actual civics of the country are porous.
— Clay

On today's 1776 Club episode, Clay & David discuss the current political climate. Download this episode or visit the 1776 Club episode archive to learn more.

What Would Jefferson Do?

If it gets too large, it will lead to economic collapse and wars of adventure.
— Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by Clay S. Jenkinson

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