#1214 Remembering 2016

Clay & David recall and re-listen to some of the more memorable moments on the Thomas Jefferson Hour during the past year.

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Show Notes

In the podcast intro, Clay mentions the Thomas Jefferson Hour broadcast from 2003 in which he and Bill Chrystal discuss the invasion of Iraq. You can hear that episode here: #667 Iraq 2003

The episodes discussed during "Remembering 2016" include:

  • #1163 Jefferson 101: Marking the start of a new year, Clay S. Jenkinson begins a series of biographical shows about the life of Thomas Jefferson in order, as he puts it, "to help understand how Jefferson became Jefferson".
  • #1168 Job Interview: Prompted by a question sent to us from listener Craig Shea of Londonderry, New Hampshire, President Thomas Jefferson agrees to participate in a modern-day job interview to see how he would fair in a presidential race.
  • #1181 Too Much Freedom: President Thomas Jefferson discusses Plato's “Republic”, his personal dislike for the writings and the differences between true democracy and a republic.
  • #1182 Listener Questions: President Thomas Jefferson provides answers to questions submitted by listeners about rewriting the constitution, Adam Smith, national education, the importance of the liberal arts, and Alexander von Humboldt.
  • #1190 Jefferson's Daughters: This week, a very special guest host — one who is quite qualified to speak with President Thomas Jefferson (and the gentleman who portrays Jefferson, Clay S. Jenkinson) about his daughters and how he regarded them. We are pleased to welcome this week's host, Catherine Jenkinson.
  • #1193 What They Said: President Thomas Jefferson is presented with excerpts of speeches given at both the Republican and Democratic conventions and is asked to share his thoughts.
  • #1203 Franklin's Visit: President Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by humanities scholar Clay S. Jenkinson, is joined in conversation by Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is portrayed by GregRobin Smith, a history scholar, author, actor, and educator. Smith was invited to Bismarck by the North Dakota Humanities Council to speak, as Franklin, at the GameChanger Ideas Festival.

  • #1205 Save the Republic: On episode #1200 Our Republic, President Thomas Jefferson spoke about the differences between a true democracy and a republic. In the podcast introduction, Clay S. Jenkinson asked Jefferson Hour listeners what their suggestions would be to improve or “save” our republic. Those many responses are discussed this and next week.
  • #1209 Trial by Jury: Guest host Joe L. Lovell of Amarillo, Texas speaks with President Thomas Jefferson about the workings of America’s legal system and the importance of each citizen's right to a fair judicial system.

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