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Hospital Today


Show 1072 Jefferson and Medicine (4-13-14) President Jefferson speaks about medicine during his time and a letter he wrote to Caspar Wistar in 1807. Read the full text of the letter HERE

Treats Himself


For more about Jefferson and medicine, read Bruce Pitt's reports from Paris HERE.

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Thomas Jefferson versus Click and Clack?  I have been amazed at how the Thomas Jefferson Hour has performed on our weekends.   The reason the TJ Hour, works is obvious when you listen -- it is Clay Jenkinson:  his on-air warmth and intelligence, the breadth of his knowledge, the concerns toward which he directs the discussion, and his ability to connect with the public radio audience.  The idea of using Thomas Jefferson as framing device gives the discussion a perspective that distinguishes it from the usual public affairs discussion.  It combines actual serious discussion of important, overriding principles with the entertainment of the Thomas Jefferson set-up.  It works.  

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