For those who broadcast the Thomas Jefferson Hour®

The Thomas Jefferson Hour® is a weekly radio program dedicated to the search for truth in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. The creator of the program is Clay S. Jenkinson, a nationally acclaimed humanities scholar and award winning first person interpreter of Thomas Jefferson.

Clay discusses current American and world events and answers listener questions while in the persona of Jefferson. Clay's answers (as Jefferson) are grounded in his own unique knowledge of the writings and actions of Jefferson; a man of the Enlightenment, a student of human nature and a person of gentlemanly behavior.

The program is a volunteer effort. Prairie Public Radio provides the up-linking of the program, making it currently downloadable from the Public Radio Satellite System.

The show is also available to listeners online on this website and on itunes. Many smaller independent and community radio stations who do not have PRSS capabilities download the program via these outlets. We encourage this usage and ask only that you let us know who you are so we can add you to our affiliates list, and that you keep the end credits intact. You should note, however, that this may not be the best method of acquiring the program for broadcast. If you would like to receive instructions on how to download a higher quality complete program, contact at Makoché studios at 701-223-7316.

The mission of the Thomas Jefferson Hour is to generate one-on-one civil discourse among citizens about important, and many times sensitive, topics to our country andthe world. The program achieves this in a unique and entertaining way—through the voice of our third president Thomas Jefferson.

Our listeners have encouraged us to sprinkle the program lineup with occasional out-of-character programs featuring Clay Jenkinson, the humanities scholar and social commentator, examining a current or historical event using both a Jeffersonian lens and a modern-day humanities lens. The show also features interviews with authors and Jefferson scholars.

The Thomas Jefferson Hour appeals to a broad base of listeners, not just history buffs. While some of our primary stations are in historical areas such as Jefferson's Virginia, many of our largest listening audiences occur in states such as California and Colorado. We feel that the appeal of The Thomas Jefferson Hour is it's ability to bring out the truth in a non-dramatic, unthreatening manner then to help our audience think through the complexity of the decision making process, bringing clarity to the steps and the events.

We gauge the show's success by the number of questions our listeners submit, by the voice mails we receive, the thousands of shows downloaded each week and by the growing number of stations that are broadcasting this program. We would be pleased and honored to welcome your station to that list.

For More Information Contact

Nancy Franke
PO Box 7132
Bismarck, ND 58507
(360) 805-0877
Toll Free: (888) 828-2853
Fax: (360) 794-2134

Praise for The Thomas Jefferson Hour®

The Thomas Jefferson Hour has been a staple of WHRV's lineup since its inception; we were amongst the first broadcasters to carry the program, and are proud to air Clay's announcements thanking us for being the program's flagship station. With this market's deep history as home to our nation's first region, the Jamestown Colony's founding in 1607, and our Commonwealth's ties to Thomas Jefferson, interest in this program over the years has resulted in a sizeable listener base. We have hosted debates between Thomas Jefferson (Clay Jenkinson) and Alexander Hamilton (Bill Chrystal), and they've been overwhelmingly well-attended by enthusiastic audiences. In addition to our very popular local call-in shows, it's one of our most popular public affairs programs.

Anthony McSpadden, Director of Programming,WHRV, Norfolk, VA

The Thomas Jefferson Hour is a thought provoking way of exploring contemporary issues through the lens of history. Clay Jenkinson brings listeners interesting and thoughtful perspectives in an engaging way.

Joe Moore, Director of Program Content, KVPR Fresno and KPRX Bakersfield, CA

Thomas Jefferson versus Click and Clack?  I have been amazed at how the Thomas Jefferson Hour has performed on our weekends.   The reason the TJ Hour, works is obvious when you listen -- it is Clay Jenkinson:  his on-air warmth and intelligence, the breadth of his knowledge, the concerns toward which he directs the discussion, and his ability to connect with the public radio audience.  The idea of using Thomas Jefferson as framing device gives the discussion a perspective that distinguishes it from the usual public affairs discussion.  It combines actual serious discussion of important, overriding principles with the entertainment of the Thomas Jefferson set-up.  It works.  

Bill Thomas, Director of Radio, Prairie Public, North Dakota

Our Affiliates

On line at, El Cajon, CA

90.1 WMVE Chase City, VA Saturdays at 3:00 PM

89.1 WCNV Heathsville, VA Saturdays at 3:00 PM

88.9 WCVE Richmond, VA Saturdays at 3:00 PM

91.5 104.1 and 89.5 KSJD-FM Dryland Community Radio Sundays at 11:00 am

1680 AM WPPR Public Reality Radio Grand Rapids MI Tues 9:00 am and 10:00 pm

102.3 FM KMRE Bellingham, Washington Sunday 9:00 am

91.7 KXOT-FM Tacoma/Seattle, Washington

88.1 KRUA  Anchorage, Alaska

106.9 KHEN-LP Salida, Colorado 5:00 PM Mon and Noon Sat

89.1 KPRX Bakersfield, CA 7:00 PM Sun and Mon

89.3 KVPR Fresno, CA 7:00 PM Sun and Mon

91.5 KRCC Colorado Springs, CO 2:00 PM Sun

88.5 KRCC Westcliffe & Gardner, CO 2:00 PM Sun

89.9 KRCC Limon, CO 2:00 PM Sun

90.1 KRCC Manitou Springs, CO 2:00 PM Sun

91.1 KRCC Trinidad and Raton, NM 2:00 PM Sun

91.3 KRCC Lake George and Divide, CO 2:00 PM Sun

95.7 KRCC Salida, Buena Vista and Villa Grove, CO 2:00 PM Sun

105.7 KRCC Cañon City, CO 2:00 PM Sun

89.1 KRLJ La Junta, CO 2:00 PM Sun

89.1 KVNF in Montrose, CO 4:00 PM Sunday

90.9 90.9 KVNF in Paonia, CO 4:00 PM Sunday

91.1 KANZ Garden City, KS 8:00 PM Sun

90.5 KZNA Hill City, KS 8:00 PM Sun

90.1 and 90.5 WZRU Roanoke Rapids, NC 6:00 PM Sun

90.5 KCND Bismarck, ND 11:00 AM Sun

89.9 KDPR Dickinson, ND 11:00 AM Sun

91.9 KDSU Fargo, ND 11:00 AM Sun

89.3 KUND Grand Forks, ND 11:00 AM Sun

91.5 KPRJ Jamestown, ND 11:00 AM Sun

88.9 KMPR Minot, ND 11:00 AM. Sun

89.5 KPPR Williston, ND 11:00 AM Sun

107.9 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Shaw Cable System

88.3 Thief River Falls, MN 11:00 AM Sun

91.7 Lakota, ND 11:00 AM Sun

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91.5 Devils Lake, ND 11:00 AM Sun

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89.5 WHRV Norfolk, VA 1:00 PM Tues

89.9 WVRU Radford, VA 6:00 PM Thurs

94.9 Amarillo, TX 5:00 PM Sun

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91.5 KTXP Bushland, TX 5:00 PM Sun

95.3 Atwood, KS 5:00 PM Sun

92.9 Dodge City, KS 5:00 PM Sun

89.7 Goodland, KS 5:00 PM Sun

91.7 KZAN Hays, KS 5:00 PM Sun

90.5 KZNA Hill City, KS 5:00 PM Sun

90.7 Lamar, CO 5:00 PM Sun

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96.3 St. Francis, KS 5:00 PM Sun

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